At Rosie Made A Thing, we care very much about our wonderful planet and believe that we are all responsible for looking after it.  We are constantly looking to learn, adapt and improve our environmental impact in any way we can.

Environmental Pledge

For all our stationery products, our focus is on sourcing sustainable materials, manufacturing locally and using eco-friendly, plastic-free packaging wherever possible.  

We work with a variety of UK-based businesses for all aspects of our production, from our luxury board that’s made in a paper mill in the Lake District, to our wonderful local printers and our family-run fulfilment centre, who pack each of our wholesale orders by hand.

This year, we will be making some big changes to the way our greetings cards are packaged (more on this to follow).  

Sustainably-Sourced Stationery

We are proud to use only the best FSC-certified boards and suppliers for our stationery products.  The FSC certification means that it comes from sustainable, responsibly-managed forests that provide, environmental, social and economic benefits.

You can spot the FSC logo on all of our stationery products.

Naked Cards

And now for our biggest change yet.  With tonnes of plastic entering our oceans every year, we all need to help reduce the amount of single-use plastic.  Until recently, our cards have been wrapped in cellophane pouches made from polypropylene.  Despite being recyclable, it soon became clear that the majority of all film ends up in landfill and we started to feel a bit sick about the part we were playing in this.

So, this year we will be ‘going naked’ using the InFold Card Corner, which is made of paper and holds the card and envelope together using a plastic-free peelable label.

We estimate that this company-wide nakedness will save the use of 2 million individual plastic bags a year. 


We hope that our cards will find their forever homes but when you are ready to say goodbye, they are 100% recyclable.  ‘Recycle me’ is a new message you’ll see on the card back so you know that you can fully recycle the card and envelope wherever this message appears.

UK Made

Where possible, we source our products from UK manufacturers to reduce our carbon footprint.  We are proud to say that the majority of our products, and 100% of our cards, are still manufactured in the UK.