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Milestone birthdays are an important part of growing older. Celebrate those key ages with a funny birthday card to accompany the gift.

We know that children love a birthday card with their age on which is why we launched our Just A Number and Just A Number Mini Card ranges from 1st birthday cards to 16th birthday cards. If you’re looking for an alternative to a child’s age birthday card, our Cheeky Chops kids birthday cards have something for everyone from chocolatey toddlers to sulky teenagers.

The first big birthday milestone is turning 18, the day you legally become an adult, followed by the big 21st birthday! Help them celebrate with a funny 18th birthday card or 21st birthday card from our collections.

Don’t let the big birthdays go unnoticed with one of our age birthday cards from 30th birthday cards to 90th birthday cards and every big number in between.